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Don't forget to smile.

It’s nice to be important but its even more important to be nice.

on March 22, 2014

all quiet OTWF quote and pic ok


excuse the typo, slice OF bread.

Lately it seems that being a leader is greater than being a friend and acting with compassion. We as a human race we have a tendency to want more power, we have a tendency to want to do wrong those who did wrong to us. But to me, that isn’t the attitude to have. Sure, being a leader and being recognized for your hard work is nice, but it also means more responsibility and requires you to be a role model. Being a follower is okay as well, but it feels like you are living someone else’s life instead of putting your own dreams first. Instead of walking in front of or behind someone, walk beside them and just be there for them. By doing this you are helping the person you wish to help and also helping yourself. By being the shoulder to lean on, the person to share a laugh with and the person that people turn to for compassion. I admit, I do like to have a higher title than someone else, but I find myself happier when I can be myself with my friends. In All Quiet on the Western Front Paul and his buddies always questioned authority and they felt that they were the wrong ones fighting. They felt that the generals spent too much time on the proper way to salute than showing them how to fight. I can see it from both sides. The generals want to teach discipline and have an orderly group of troops to win more battles, but Paul and his friends want to fight and return home a hero like they had been promised. So instead of trying to be important or achieve a higher “ranking”, make some friends and have some fun because in the end, everyone’s graves are the same size.

Don’t forget to smile! 🙂


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