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Why are you always waiting? Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

on November 12, 2013


“You don’t have to wait until college to be a rock star.”

– David Theriault

I know that I and other people live and anticipate the things that are coming up in the future or I put things off until the next day because I know that I can just do them tomorrow. We find comfort in the future, that one way or the other things will work out and that we will be happier in the future. As kids we imagined the future as this place where we had no worries, tons of friends, and everything was okay. What a horrible thought that is. If we always anticipate that the future will be better, we ignore the present moment and that is the most important moment of all. But, if we do things that are great now and continue to do great things in the future, we can be rock stars. I like Nike’s slogan “Just do it” because it tells us to just do it, don’t wait for the perfect time or place to do something. Who knows? The actions you take today may have a more lasting effect than you think. The future isn’t always guaranteed. One mistake is all it takes for the breath you take to be the last one. Don’t anticipate the future because the future is unknown. Live fully in the present and be a rock star now.

Don’t forget to smile today because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. 🙂


One response to “Why are you always waiting? Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

  1. Mikaila, thank you for always being so inspirational and optimistic! You do your thing, girl! I love the quote, by the way. 🙂

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