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Fight fire with water.

on October 30, 2013

“Even though he wronged you, father,and wronged you impiously, still you can not rightfully wrong him in return!”

-Antigone to Oedipus in Oedipus at Colonus

I’m sure that many of you have heard of Malala, a Pakistani girl who’s actions and beliefs have brought us closer to giving everyone an education. While I was reading the rest of Oedipus at Colonus, this quote reminded me of Malala and this set of gifs specifically. The usual reaction to someone when they have hurt you physically or mentally is to retaliate, but that often brings about more anger and just adds to the anger already present in the situation. Antigone and Malala are saying that we should not retaliate, and instead try to consider their side of the argument and fight them with peace and dialogue. If you think about it, all wars and violence can be prevented. Through talking like mature adults and trying to fix things. Reacting towards people and things with violence is almost childish because mature adults are supposed to accept each others opinions and not try to tell them that one opinion is better than the other. Antigone is saying that even though Polyneices, Oedipus’s son,  seemed like he hasn’t cared about his father, Oedipus cannot retaliate in return. His son came to him in a time of need and even though Oedipus wants to turn him away, Antigone convinces him to talk to Polyneices. The idea of not retaliating and trying to talk instead of fight is one that I support. Fighting wastes energy that could be used somewhere else to do something better. Also, when we fight back, we are showing that we are willing to stoop down to the other person’s level and that the other person or thing is worth a lot of our energy. Try to calmly talk things out in an argument instead of using violence.

Don’t forget to smile everyday!


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